All Extron-Mecanor blown film dies are computer modelled for optimum melt flow channel configuration and rheological compatibility. The spiral distributor is designed to provide a balance between minimum residence time, reduced sensitivity to resign changes and uniform polymer flow. Layer splitting/doubling increases the strength of your film and gas barrier property.

High output blown film lines have external and internal bubble cooling. Extron-Mecanor is also prepared to deliver versatile side fed dies for barrier films consisting of sophisticated multilayer structure.

IBC-system (internal bubble cooling) with precise adjustment of the bubble diameter guarantees exceptionally wide BUR-range and excellent gauge uniformity especially on thinner films. A combinations of external and internal bubble cooling, an extra cooling section between collapsing frames and water cooled nip rollers guarantees optimum cooling, excellent lay flat quality and minimized line height.

Profile measuring the blown film thickness directly on the bubble, close to the die, will give direct response for the cooling system.

Measuring the profile will:

  • Improve product quality
  • Maximize product yield
  • Minimize production costs
  • Minimize scrap
  • Optimize the process
  • Reduce downtime
  • Shorter start-up time
  • Save on raw materials

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