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Extron-Mecanor Oscillating Haul-off Unit offers also both horizontal and vertical oscillators, combining the nip-roller with an oscillator ensures perfect geometry of the film reel. HFO, horizontal film oscillators, are recommended because they enhances product quality and eliminates problems with film wrinkling and lateral movement. We can also offer smaller horizontal oscillators.

The nip-roller and the collapsing frame operate integrally ensuring that the film comes out full-width without any wrinkling problems. The compression force of the nip can be adjusted accurately and corrected according to the film during production. The nip-roller can be equipped with double cooling rolls, which cool the film evenly from both sides. Even and double sided cooling guarantees high production rate and wrinkle-free film.

The centralized provision for adjustment enables repeatable positioning according to specific product recipes. Motorized side guiding frames or side gusseting assemblies are easy to add to this system.

An oscillating haul-off unit assures perfect distribution of any irregularities thus resulting in excellent roll geometry.

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