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NOSTE Gravimeters for Real-Time Monitoring give you Real-Time Value

Gravimetric control system (GCS) monitors the raw material consumption in real-time mode and compares it to the haul-off speed.

If any deviation of actual metric weight from its calculated value occurs, GCS corrects the speed of the extruder or the speed of the haul-off unit. According to the Customer’s demands and requirements, the GCS instrumentation and software are delivered either for single-flow or for multi-flow monitoring.

A basic GCS is comprised of the following components:

  • Feed hopper
  • Weighting hopper
  • Metering valve and frame
  • PLC with single user interface
  • Line speed measurement with closed loop control
  • Screw rotary speed measurement
  • Measurement of screw output per one revolution(gr/r)
  • Interfaces for upper level control and printer (optional).

Extron-Mecanor gravimetric system:

  • Accurate and consistent dozing of main raw material and 1-6 additives.
  • Easy maintenance and change-over for additive screws.
  • Automatic correction of raw material dozing and extrusion speed.
  • Gravimeter is made using standard components and integrated to extruder PLC.
  • Flexible structure of the system ensures that there can be any number of components installed in one frame.
  • Extron’s own gravimetric system ensures stability of work and high accuracy of mixing in different recipes.
  • Raw material dosing directly into extruder’s feed zone to prevent separation of materials with different from main material weight.
  • Servo-motors are used for each dosing component, synchronized with the speed of extruder and whole line. Real time surveillance
  • Additional components can be installed after installation of line.
  • Each material can be fed in amounts between 50% to 0.1%.


NOSTE Gravimeters

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