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Extron-Mecanor offers a wide range of high performance extrusion lines for production of conduit, water, gas and sewage pipes from polyolefins according to international standards. Extruders, pipe die heads and inserts, calibration tools as well as associated downstream equipment including vacuum calibration baths, water cooling baths, haul-offs, cut-off saws, coilers etc. are available. Complete lines with desired automation level or single items of equipment are delivered depending upon requirements.

In co-operation with the leading manufacturers, Extron-Mecanor supplies complete lines for lightweight spiral, and corrugated pipes. Extron-Mecanor also has a unique know-how, most advanced extrusion lines and further processing equipment for certain special applications, e.g. for heat shrinkable tubings and plastic grass carpets.

A gravimetric measuring and control system gives you advantage of controlling material consumption, thereby line output and weight per meter of the product are kept constant. In addition to raw material saving, improved quality, shorter start-up and change-over times are achieved.

Pipe coating

Raw material control

  • Dosage and recipe optimization, minimizing losses, fast recipe changes, maintaining the quality.

Process control

  • Coating thickness profile control, coating temperature control, energy consumption monitoring, production and downgrade quantity follow-up.

Product control

  • Product defect control, on-line quality measurement.

Pipe coating

  • Low head volume enables short dwell times and low thermal stress impressed upon the melt; High mechanical characteristics of the pipe.
  • Low pressure build-up even at high material throughput at low stock temperature.
  • Precise distribution of the melt which minimizes the wall thickness deviations.
  • Short self-cleaning time when changing the colour of raw material.

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