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Raw material transportation handling system is designed to transfer raw materials to the feed hopper of the extruder and keep the manufacturing process continuous. Raw material system is designed to reduce customers logistics expenses e.g. spillage of raw material, delivery times and work force expenses by increasing efficiency and decreasing human factor.

We provide our customers with detailed specifications of the system including:

  • Calculation of length and diameter of pipes 
  • Power of pumps
  • Configuration
  • Calculation of waiting time, when changing materials according to new recipes.

The design of whole systems including piping for transferring materials is made in 3D, therefore we are able to deliver all the components of the pipe system already formed according to specifics of the production hall of the customer. This makes installation of raw material transfer system much faster, also allowing space and material savings.

Raw material transportation includes:

  • Centralized vacuum pump, filtering system and additive material handling station
  • Transportation from storage silos to day silos

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