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Rewinding Technology Extron-Mecanor Winders

A wide selection of Extron-Mecanor winders ranges from basic surface models to fully automatic center winders with gap winding option or winders with combination of both options. Their width varies from 1400 to 3300 mm.

For winding of tackifiered films, like stretch film, Extron-Mecanor delivers double-decked winders with independent winding stations on top or back-to-back type center winders.

High-speed with multiple inline slitting capability, automatic roll change and integrated robotic system for handling of winding shafts, winding cores and finished rolls are features of Extron-Mecanor’s modern winding technology. They are highly automated by using PLC, and latest digital drive systems which make it easy to follow up and to analyze the process.

Equipped with longitudinal oscillating knives for cutting the film into rolls of required width.

The Corona Treating Unit has been selected based on our long-term experience. Corona Treatment solutions improve the surface energy of plastic prior to the application of printing inks, adhesives, coatings etc. Corona surface modification equipment is widely used throughout a diverse range of industries and onto an ever increasing list of substrates. The properties of the Corona Treating Units are refined according to the customer’s needs.

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