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Extron-Mecanor has over 30 years of experience in extruder design and maintenance. We provide screw maintenance for almost evey type of single screw extruder regardless of the manufacturer.

Extruder screw maintenance

With our extruder screw maintenance services, you will gain maximum capacity and quality out of your production line!

Steps of the maintenance service

  1. Measuring of the extruder screw
  2. Condition report
  3. Discussion of performance improvements based on the results of measurements, production and raw materials
  4. Designing technical drawings
  5. Delivery and/or storing of new parts according to contract
More information

Extruder maintenance services


  • Customer parts
  • Schematic drawing to customer
  • Part inspection report
  • Performace suggestions
  • Part manufacturing improvements
  • Design

New parts

  • Feedscrews
  • Cylinders
  • Feedbushes
  • Die parts
  • Rolls


  • Assembly service
  • Cleaning
  • Extruder parts
  • Die parts
  • Rolls

Part database

  • Maintenance break organizing
  • Production line layout
  • Line part tracking
  • Part mechanical drawings
  • Part inspection report database

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